The Z File System, or ZFS, is an innovative file system that is far better than any other file system available on the market. It's very reliable and offers the very best performance for the hosting platforms which employ it. What makes it different is that it compares the so-called checksum of all files on the hard drives that comprise a RAID array in real time and if any file is damaged, it is repaired right away. Essentially, the same site files are located on two or more drives and if there's an issue with a file on one hard drive, a good copy is used from the other drive to restore that file. By comparison, none of the other popular file systems uses checksums. ZFS is also faster and its functionality is not affected by the amount of files stored on the servers. The larger speeds also allow backups to be generated quicker and more frequently without affecting the functionality of the system.

ZFS Cloud Storage, Mails, MySQL in Web Hosting

The web hosting packages we offer you are created on our ZFS-powered cloud platform and when you host your websites with our company, you will experience all of the advantages of this file system. All servers that are part of our cluster system employ ZFS and include NVMe drives and large amounts of RAM. Because of this, your sites shall operate many times quicker than if they were running on a web server with the regular setup which you shall find with other web hosting service providers. For better overall performance, we employ the ZFS file system on all clusters - not only the ones where your files are kept, but also the ones which handle the databases and the emails. The file system delivers much better loading speeds and guarantees the integrity of your website because if a production server fails, we could switch to a backup one and it will have the latest version of your website or the latest emails that you have received. The faster backup speeds also enable us to generate 4 daily backups of all your content - files, databases and emails. This makes our hosting packages the best solution for your websites if you are looking for a quick and efficient service.

ZFS Cloud Storage, Mails, MySQL in Semi-dedicated Servers

Considering all the advantages that ZFS has over other file systems on the market, we have decided to employ it on all of our servers that are part of the sophisticated cloud platform in which new semi-dedicated server accounts are created. Powerful machines with hundreds of gigabytes of physical memory and NVMe drives will guarantee the very best possible performance of the file system and of any website hosted on our end. We use the same setup for storing not only the files that you upload, but also any databases which you build and email messages which you receive, which boosts the quality of our service substantially over what you could find on the market. Not only will there be no limitation to the amount of files and email messages you could have at any given time, but you shall also have four browsable backups of all your content each day and the backup generation will not impact the server efficiency. Providing such a number of backups is a result of the superior data compression rates that the ZFS system delivers. Because all files are inspected in real time, we could also switch to a backup web server in seconds if there is a problem with any hosting server and the data on it will be the latest one, so you'll never have to consider the reliability of your hosting service or worry about losing any information.