Gallery is a web–based, open–source picture book manager, which offers you a time and effort saving solution to continuously integrate your own picture gallery within your web site, regardless of whether you are operating a small–scale individual website or a large community site.

Gallery has a feature–rich admin interface, which will give you 100% control of your picture gallery. You’ll be able to set up users and groups, to activate and deactivate extensions, to manage feedback and watermark settings, etcetera. An internal online editor is going to allow you to create photo albums, to upload images and video clips, to alter and rotate photos, to label albums/photos, to change photo album permissions, to upload watermarks and much more.

Gallery–Optimized Linux Web Hosting Services

Using our Gallery Linux web hosting solution, you can have your pic gallery published on the world wide web with a click of the mouse. You simply need to pick Gallery from the web application drop–down menu in the order form and we’ll install your image album software the instant we set up your account. That will allow you to begin working on your online gallery as soon as the signup procedure has been completed.

Every single Gallery Linux web hosting package will be protected by a variety of service guarantees for the trouble–free efficiency of your gallery. Your Linux web hosting account will be configured without charge and will and comes with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Furthermore, if you are not pleased with Website Hosting Memberships’s Gallery Linux web hosting service, you can make use of our 30–day money–back guarantee.

A Point & Click Web Hosting Control Panel

With each and every of the Gallery Linux web hosting services that we feature, you are able to make use of the customized Web Hosting Control Panel. It provides a revolutionary solution to take care of your web presence, joining together website control, domain management, billing and payment management and tech support center in a single, convenient package. No requirement for any additional panels.

The control panel was made to work together exclusively with Website Hosting Memberships’s custom web hosting system. Thus, giving it a considerable benefit in terms of speed and steadiness over any other control panel available. In addition, we’ve included a lot of free tools and bonuses, to help you take your website to a higher level.